An issue which I faced when I came to Sheffield was finding a school place for my son. First of all, I found a flat nearby the ELTC in order to get to it easily on foot every day and I knew that there was a school nearby the ELTC. So I hoped to take my son to the school on my way to the ELTC and pick him up after class.
Then I applied for a school place for my son. It took about 15 days to receive the response from Sheffield Council. Unfortunately, almost all the schools near the city centre were already full and all my plans were ruined because my son was allocated a school place in a school which was located a bit far away from our home. Therefore, I had difficulties with taking him there and picking him up. You may think what did my wife do? She studied as well.
As a result, one of us was forced to be late for classes and leave them a bit early every day. We spoke to the Welfare Officer, who tried to help us to get a school place into the school that was located near the ELTC, but it did not work. However, we got some flexibility about our punctuality for lessons.
To sum up, if you know in advance where you are going to study and live, apply for a school place as soon as possible.