Hi, I’m Lisa, from China. I have been in the UK for 9 months. I will share some basic information related to your daily life in the UK with you.

The most important thing you must do is that you should make a registration in Police Office and pay it for £34. On the first day you go to ELTC, Please go to the reception and ask the staff the relative information about the specific time and place for registration. (The police will go to ELTC on a certain day. If you miss the date, you should go to police office in the city center by yourself.) The last thing you should take your passport with you.

The second thing I will recommend that you can apply for your GP account if you study in the UK. If you feel sick and need to see a doctor, you should use your GP account to make an appointment online. It is convenient, useful and important. No matter where you study in ELTC or Sheffield University, you could register on the Sheffield University website, by searching for Health. You will find the information and many short videos will teach you how to register on the website.

If you like shopping, what you should know is that in the UK, many shops close at 5PM on workdays, and on Sundays, they will be closed earlier. In Sheffield city center, the Moor street and Meadowhall are good places for shopping. Meadowhall is the best shopping center which contains hundreds of shops. But you cannot walk there. You should take a tram, bus, or train to go there. I like Meadowhall very much. In the UK , probably the price of  the same product is the same no matter where you buy it.

Sheffield is also a good place to visit, because it is located in the famous Peak District in England with beautiful landscape and a famous house, called Chatsworth, which belongs to the Duke of Devonshire. I have been there for three times in different seasons. Each time I went there, the views were different. It is amazing. If you want to go there, please make sure your camera has enough battery. Enjoy your time in Chatsworth. On the way to Chatsworth, you can have a break in Bakewell, a small village, which is famous for its pudding, Bakewell tart, a traditional local food in Bakewell.