The Social Team is lead by Anna, your Activities Co-ordinator. The Social Team is here to make your experience in Sheffield as fun and enjoyable as possible. We are your bridge to the Students’ Union and the City. We are here to help, so make sure you ask us any questions you have. We are all very friendly. Anna likes reading and being silly with friends. Her favourite way to spend her time is in the pub with a pint and a good friend. Her Social Organisers, who will help at most events and activities, are on this page.


Rachel is currently doing a PhD at the University of Sheffield. She likes traveling and exploring, as well as having a good chat with friends.


Siung is also doing a Phd at the University of Sheffield. He also works as a bar supervisor at the Students’ Union. He travels to many different places and takes photos of himself doing a headstand in each place. He is mad and wonderful.


Faris was a student at the ELTC and then began working here part-time while he completed his degree and masters. He has been here for years. He loves playing video games, he has so many game consoles! He is a very chilled guy.


Niall is an undergrad student at the University. He manages a large allotment and communal space at Furnace Park, which we will help at (email me if you’re interested in finding out more).

ELTC Assistants

There are also many ELTC Assistants that you will see at some events and activities. They are the ones that wear the glamorous blue ELTC T-shirts. They take your attendance at lectures and guide you in your first few weeks. They are charming individuals who make a fantastic team.