How to make friends in Sheffield – a short article by Tian Tan

In order to experience different cultures from their countries, many students come to Sheffield to start their studying career and for some of them it is the first time to go abroad. Because these students from different countries have different cultures, they may not know how to adapt themselves to this new environment. So, I would like to give them several suggestions, which may help them to make new friends.

Firstly, share your food in your flat kitchen.

The University of Sheffield is an international university. Sometimes, your flatmates could be these students who are from every part of the world, so choosing a weekend, making food for each other and exchanging experiences can be a good choice.

Secondly, join the UoS activities.

You could feel tired, because of studying in the English summer school or in your department. But if you join one of the UoS clubs and societies, not only can you enjoy your hobby, but you can also make some friends who are students from different departments of the university.


Thirdly, goto a pub.

As we know, pubs are one of most important British cultural elements. There are many opportunities to talk with the locals and sometimes they may initially talk to you if they feel you are lonely.

Overall, I hope you will reach your targets successfully in the summer school and make as many as friends you want.

This short article was written by our PS010-28 student Tian Tan.