The Social Team will, from this summer, bring a weekly update of what has been happening the week before. We will upload some picture and tell you a little bit more of our activities.

So, what have we been up to?

Zumba is our brand new sport. This fitness class, which takes place in the Oasis on a Monday at 4.30-5.20pm, is a fantastic way to keep fit and healthy while having a great time. It doesn’t matter whether you get the steps right – it is all about enjoying yourself and don’t stop shaking your body! How good does that sound?


Reading Group is a great way to practice your English reading skills in a relaxed environment. Every week we read about a different topic of current news. This week, for instance, we read about social media and new ways of communicating. Apart from the good company, we have free hot drinks and biscuits!
We hope you join us next Monday from 3.30 to 4.30pm. We will confirm the room nearer the time.

Reading Group

Conversation Club is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your English with native English speakers. We tend to start Conversation Club with some ice-breaking games and, afterwards, we get on small groups and talk about everything and nothing. Join us to practice your English in a fun and relaxed environment every Tuesday at 3.30pm!

Also, we have free hot drinks and coffee but, we quick, as we always run out!

Conversation Club

Badminton, which takes place on Wednesdays from 5 to 7pm in Goodwin Sports Centre, is always one of our most popular sports.
Despite being only our second week, we already have to take turns to play and, while sixteen people play badminton, some of us just sit down on the sides and have a chat.
It is clear to me everyone has a good, sweaty time in Badminton! We hope to see new faces every week, will yours be one of them?


Even though our private yoga lessons have been going for a while, it is during the summer when they become really really busy – last week we had nearly 40 people attending! We didn’t have enough mats for everyone so we could only have one. The atmosphere was great, it was both a relaxing and fun time. Why don’t you give yoga a try today (Thursday) at 4pm in Goodwin Sports Centre?


Ice-skating is back! This activity, which is always one of the most popular ones, is a great way to spend time with your friends while trying something new (or not new!).  Even though the student night takes place every Wednesday , we only go as a group every two weeks. Yesterday, nearly 30 people came and most of them were still going when we left at nine! If you bring your student card, you will be able to ice-skate for £3.60. And do not forget your socks!

Also, we found out there is a new altitude high ropes adventure park next to the ice rink, where we will be going in a few weeks. We are so excited about it!