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Yamaguchi students visit the Department of Engineering, UoS

IMG_3002On Tuesday 21st February, Dr. Jonathan Black invited us to the faculty of Engineering and introduced it to us. He explained the faculty of Engineering’s structure and system to us. In addition, he explained the experiment of the seismic structure using the sand and the many water pipes modeling. Then, he guided us in the laboratory and he explained the experimental device which measures the durability of a concrete block and measure a pressure and inclination with the stick into the sand. He said that the fundamental are so important because we often need contents of different fields to solve any problems. What he said was rewarding for us. We will probably become engineers in the future. Thus, we must have flexible thoughts. We would like to make efforts to study our majors keeping what he said in our mind.

Written by Yuki & Naru

A project by PAE08

Check out what PAE08 created!!! They explored Sheffield and wrote about it on a Padlet wall.

Thank you, PAE08!!!

Made with Padlet

Interview: AEPC Students

For our second student interview, we have four AEPC students who told us all about the study group they formed last term! Watch and find out more about them!!!

Student Interview

Watch our very first student interview to find out who Tomohiro is, what he thinks of Sheffield, how his English has improved and what advice he has for his peers! Enjoy!!!

Personality Quiz

This short personality quiz was created by your fellow student Shuqi Wen from PAE10.

personality-quizClick on the image to do the quiz (Google form).

Once you submit, click View your accuracy and count your A’s, B’s, C’s and D’s and check what type of person you are here.

A massive thanks to Shuqi Wen and her teacher Evvie!!!

How can we be autonomous learners?

Autonomous learners take an active role in the learning process. They are totally responsible for all the decisions related to their own learning, both in terms of what they learn and how they learn it.

In the higher education systems, it is important for students to be autonomous learners and to become self-reliant learners who can continue learning efficiently and independently because of the transition to the more independent learning required at university compared with their previous study.

Effective autonomous learning requires the learner to have the following features:

  • Willingness to learn independently.
  • Thinking critically regarding goal setting, time management and selecting an effective strategies.
  • Having a wide range of learning strategies and skills.
  • Taking responsibility of their own learning.
  • Willingness to take the risk.
  • Working creatively in complex situation.
  • Having a self-awareness of their limitations and their ability to manage them.
  • Making self-motivation as well as self-assessment.
  • Persistence; never giving up.

This short article was written by Afaf AlRwais, who was on AEPC and the 6-week pre-sessional summer course in 2016.