The Social Team will, from this summer, bring a weekly update of what has been happening the week before. We will upload some picture and tell you a little bit more of our activities.

So, what have we been up to this last couple of weeks?

The second Welcome BBQ took place last Friday! We had lots of really nice food – too much meat and some salad – and, afterwards, we had quite a few laughs with Karaoke. Some of the students (and teachers!) were such good singers though! Our next big party will be the leaving party on September 4 so make sure you come – It is the highlight of the summer! More information soon!

Welcome BBQ

Cinema night is one of our brand new events for this year and it has been so popular so far. A couple of weeks ago, we went to the latest Pixar film, Inside Out. It was such a good film!  We will be going to the cinema again soon so keep an eye on our posters.

Cinema Night

Sheffield’s own music festival, Tramlines, was a couple of weekends ago. On Saturday, we had some lunch in Interval and then head down to the Peace Gardens for some free music. The weather on Sunday wasn’t great so we just hanged out in Interval for a bit – British weather, huh?


The International Evening is always one of our most popular events and this year it was no different. We had lots of really nice food from over the world and chatted for quite a while. We can’t wait for the next one, will you be there?

International Evening

Conversation Club, which takes place every Tuesday at 3.30pm, is the perfect opportunity for you to improve your English with native English speakers. We tend to start Conversation Club with some fun ice-breaking games and, afterwards, we get on small groups and talk about everything and nothing. Join us to practice your English in a fun and relaxed environment!

Also, we have free hot drinks and coffee but, we quick, as we always run out!

Conversation Club

SEPO trips, which take place within Sheffield, take place every Wednesday afternoon. They are free and are always educational in some sort of way. A few weeks ago, we went to Endcliffe park. This week, we went to Kelham Island and next week we are going to go to Meadowhall, Sheffield’s biggest shopping centre.

Endcliffe Park

Badminton, which takes place on Wednesdays from 5 to 7pm in Goodwin Sports Centre, is always one of our most popular sports.
Despite being only our second week, we already have to take turns to play and, while sixteen people play badminton, some of us just sit down on the sides and have a chat.
It is clear to me everyone has a good, sweaty time in Badminton! We hope to see new faces every week, will yours be one of them?